• Conducted shoots I needed too over the end of last week, went well.
  • Found that in my tutorial on Monday that I needed to do a couple reshoots, which I was okay with, finding myself relieved to really be able to prove myself within the images I eventually present, as I didn’t feel at this point that the photos I was about to use were really showing my best photographic intentions.
    • I feel a lot more confident in the images I do have now though, definitely more so being able to put them together as a selection and see them work together.
    • I haven’t yet narrowed it down completely to my final selection, but hope to start on this early next week, so I can really get everything prepped up in time.
  • I feel I have been productive over the past week, allowing the adrenaline of the ever closer deadline to spur me on, but have found myself slow and reluctant to do much work, as I feel very ‘done’ with this project, very eager to move onto something else now, or at least have an opportunity to turn it slightly ‘on its head’ and really begin to have a new take on things. I’m ready to push on through the last week and really get things done and dusted so I can hand in something i can feel proud of.
    • I feel my attitude towards the work load is slipping slightly, and this is frustrating, as I know how much I can achieve, but also how much energy it takes, and trying to get this balanced is tricky.
  • A lot of mixed emotions this week, in regards to distilling imagery, but I feel like now I have a clearer view of what and how I can produce a conclusion to this project. I think further decisions will just play on my emotions even further, but in a good way, allowing me to really get into that headspace of a quiet and bittersweet nostalgia.
    • I found this feeling really rife when I was testing out my fabric projections, really utilising that tactile remembering of my childhood to pull on the feeling even more so, the connection of my Waldorfian upbringing with the fabrics and this idea of light very important to me, not only demonstrating this within the photos, but also through the projection of literal light I think is really important to have as a conclusion.
  • I still have quite a lot to do and catch up on my blog, but this is manageable with some proper time management over the next week. I also booked off next weekend from work, so I have a full weekend to tie up any loose ends before my final session on Monday.

All in all, a good week, but more to do and loads to get tied up before hand in.

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