SOME THOUGHTS – end user context, action plan, marking up


Within my tutorial with Lauren, I was surprised as to which photos she was choosing out of the contacts that I printed out – the Durdle Door shoot, the top forest shoot, and the Mudeford shoot, alongside some of some miscellaneous images that I was going to use for paper transfers.

A common theme again, that was picked out was the strong presence of light within the imagery, using this as a benchmark of picking out successful images. I was surprised that none of the Mudeford images were marked up, because they are some of my favourites, but I think in terms of thinking and being inside my head bit too much these last two weeks, that in fact the absolutely plain images work best, instead of the colour graded edited ones.

It was also discussed that perhaps the still life images just don’t fit within the projects final presentation, and if I wanted to go down the landscapes route, maybe this is what I should stick with, as opposed to trying to mix and match. In terms of this then, I find myself, not upset as such, but more contemplative about the fact that some of these shoots perhaps are now slightly obsolete. However, they did contribute to the creative process I went through to get to this point, and I find myself wondering how many times this will happen again in the future until I get to the result I want to get to!

Of course, I do find myself worried that perhaps I don’t have enough images so far, but Lauren seemed insistent hat I do, especially with the type of presentation I want to utilise, perhaps I won’t really need more than 10 images (?) to project, so maybe with one more shoot, I can get a variety of images that I like to use. I’m not sure whether at this point I should edit my images, or leave them as they are, but I think once I have a final selection of images, I can start to make this decision.


So in terms of presentation and end-user context – projecting onto fabric seems to be the way forward, maybe in a slide show, so I can choose a variety of images to show and use different sets of layouts. It isn’t necessary imperative that I need a book, but like I mentioned, I think I would like to make one anyway.

In terms of using audio from childhood videos, again, I don’t think this is necessary anymore, as the projections I hope, will talk for themselves. And the last piece – the heat transfer fabric pieces. I stopped making these over easter, as I found that I was creating more of the same over and over, not really creating anything new or exciting. They are nice and I think could be really successful, but the technique needs to be perfected, and their way of presentation I think would require a lot of skilful installation work, that I’m not sure I could pull off. I think if I was using a bigger space, with much more time and more of a gallery space, I could mock-up something with them and using the projection as well, as a real exploration into an immersive state of looking at childhood and the memories surrounding it.


I think the action plan now is to start tying up lose ends, experimenting with the projector, with fabrics, getting any last minute researhc written up (I have some artists I am looking at for current work) and updating my time plan.

At this point I think I’m doing okay in terms of headspace, I think that I can really see my work coming together to a point that I would like it to.


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