• As Moors Valley is a 30mins bike ride from basically all the houses I have lived in all my life, Moors Valley was frequently visited.
    • TreeTop Trail (high location) is the trigger for a lot of memories here, as the fear of heights and also wonder of looking down has always stuck with me.
  • white balance not set right – too golden and warm, not representing scene well enough.
  • I am in two minds about this shoot, as it is slightly similar to shots I have taken before, but probably just not as successful.
  • The use of light is sub par, the overcast day not creating anything I wanted it too, wanting it to really be sunny so I could focus on shadows and light. This is frustrating, as it means going out for one more shoot on a sunny day.
  • I think doing this though, will mean a more successful shoot, that I can use bit more. I think I could use a couple of shots from this shoot, but am not sure whether or not they’d make a final cut. I think this is in the hands of my peers, letting Matt also mark up some of my images, and going through these as well, will be the ultimate decider, as I feel much too close to these images already.


  • bit of a write off shoot, although could possibly use a few images.
  • RESHOOT once more (with a sunny day) – perfect that the weather is gorgeous this week (except yesterday apparently!)

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