• only got to Durdle Door and Tyneham village – was tired of taking photos when we got to Tynham = didn’t get any good ones (also wasn’t how I remembered at all).
  • Durdle Door shoot was succesful though, got the images I wanted/needed.


  • shot in the New Forest – memory card corrupted before I got to view images, very frustrating (cried a lot). Wasn’t the best shoot ever though, so wasn’t too worried, but frustrating as that was time that I lost. Have a few shots I took on disposable, but as I still have quite a few shots left, I don’t want to get them developed quite yet.
  • I still have time to get out and reshoot this, but it’s just when, and really if I need to – need to talk to tutors about how much imagery I need (if I do need more).


  • I felt Lulworth Cove would just give me very similar imagery to Durdle Door, so I didn’t stress on visiting there, although I think I do need at least one more place to really cement the idea of place attachment – will talk to tutors etc.
  • I have shoots from (recent) previous visits to Knowlton Church that I could use potentially, if I can’t get over there.


  • At this point, Dancing Ledge is not feasible, nor Durlston Country Park, as they both would need full days of shooting (travel time, shoot time etc). This is a shame, but I think not detrimental to the project.


I think I possibly overstretched myself in terms of wanting to get to a lot of places within 4 days, when I had to depend on people around me wanting to do the same thing, or even be willing to take me to places that are quite far away (I don’t drive).

Relying a lot on peer feedback now, as I’ve been very in my own head for the last two weeks, being on holiday and trying to really get everything up to date in the way I needed to be. This was okay to begin with, but now its all bit too much and I’m floundering again, without a very clear direction to go with.


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