In the link above there is initial thoughts from feedback from the mid project crit, that I then bounced off and continued to experiment with this information in mind.

I think we (Lauren and I discussed in tutorial) have come to the conclusion now that I won’t be using these pieces within my final work, due to many different reasons that cover everything from not quite being the right representation, to also just not quite fitting with the outcome that I now have in mind. I feel this is a slight shame, as they could work nicely within a wider context, but unfortunately for me and moving forward in my project and conclusion, they need to be left behind.

This first set is the pieces that I initially did, printing on the slightly whiter muslin, which the group consensus agreed to not finding all that successful.

I quite like the crinkled nature of the fabric and the quite noticeable change in atmosphere between the imagery and the muslin, I find this interesting to note, as later pieces on darker coloured fabric don’t quite have the same quality.

This bottom left piece I experimented further with, sewing back into it and mixing the paper and fabric, but find that although the heat transfer works really successfully, the colour of the paper really distracts right away, taking away much more than it is adding.

In the piece above, I distressed both the edges of the original transfer, and made sure to rip it away before fully transferred, as to create even more distressed areas.


These pieces are ones printed on slightly thicker and darker material, but I also experimented with sewing some together, and distressing the edges, as well as folding pieces slightly and connecting them with a few stitches in order to bring more movement and texture to the piece. Some of these work better than others, but the piece with the two shoe images sewn together I think is one of my favourites.

In some of these images I was trying to test out which pieces would go well together if it were to display them, and I feel that in reality, they would all fit together okay, as the seemingly random nature of their structure is not something that really needs decisions about how they fit together, especially in a project that could easily be a typological one.


Again with these paper transfers below, I was trying to work out different display orders, but unlike the previous pieces, I feel these would need more thought going into it, as the colour of the different types of paper is very noticeable. I do like these transfers and feel the borders around them give them something else, and bring them into the ‘real world’ slightly more, as little pieces of art, instead of somewhat random transfers on a page.

This last transfer is coupled with a few other bits, just to see how they could work together, and I think they do, just perhaps the white paper is that little bit too white.

However much I did enjoy creating these pieces, I find them not really relevant to my project currently, but find it difficult to admit this, as I really did imagine myself going forward with this type of plan for conclusion. They will still go into my final hand in for evidence, but perhaps won’t be something I use the show. I find the current ideas I have for my project such as the projection or printing on silk much more relevant to the way I think my mindset is heading, due to the fact that these materials might just be too clunky and heavy, not being able to represent and show my images in the way that I would like, and is appropriate for my project.

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