• Spent a lot of time here when I was little, walked along to the end a lot, spent a lot of happy days playing along the rocky beach.
    • Traumatic moment that stuck with me (place attachment says that memories are often created by euphoric or traumatic times) – Cousin nearly drowned in sea, dad running in fully clothed, lots of tears.
  • Travel down to Durdle Door and shoot the landscape.
  • Walk to end of beach to get shots of Butter Rock (strong childhood memories of travelling down there when I was young, dad getting to the end with his camera and it dying before he could take the shot).
  • shoot a variety of images, making sure to capture a range of representations of different areas, detailing the sheer amount of memories I have in this location.
  • shot on Fujfilm XT10, with an 18-55mm zoom lens, allowing me to get closer to the scenes, which was a definite wise decision in regards to choosing this lens, as opposed to my usual 35mm fixed lens.
  • ISO stayed similar throughout at 500/640
  • Shutter speed again, staying similar and around 1/640th, but fluctuating throughout the shoot, as did the aperture, this controlling the majority of the exposure throughout.
  • I shot a range of exposures, using a stylistic choice to overexpose multiple images, as well as brining them slightly down, and creating that dark atmosphere, allowing the light to talk for itself.
  • This shoot went well, although I did notice after the shoot the UV filter was dirty, and so in the lighter images, you can see the spots in the upper parts of the image. This is easily fixed in editing, just frustrating to deal with.
  • I was pleased that it was overcast, as my imagery seems to suit this subtly ‘muggy’ atmosphere, especially as the editing style I have taken on seems to lend itself to this.
  • Throughout the shoot I was trying to make sure I was getting images that connected to my childhood memories, taking images that seemed to already be a snapshot in my brain, simply translating brain image to camera image.
  • Looking back over the shoot however, I notice a large amount of imagery that supports the idea of isolation and loneliness, isolating subjects within the landscapes such as lone boats, lone clusters of rocks etc. I find that this is a juxtaposition with the feelings of my childhood, and possibly reflects much more on the headspace I was in during the day, as opposed to a true representation of my childhood.
  • In the majority of images, the horizon line is straight, the image well composed, and  the seascape allowed to speak for itself. In some though, the vantage point is wrong and so brings down the atmosphere of the image, taking away the success.


  • This image for example, is neither straight not has a correct vantage point, the foreground being put totally out of perspective, and the stones in the bottom right really detract from the image, the wonky skyline and ‘lumpy’ clouds just displaying a really ‘clunky’ scene.


  • This image however, is one of my favourites, although in editing will probably crop out the grass in the foreground, as it doesn’t really add much except distraction. The expanse of sea and level of detail captured in the rocks, also in the swell between the rock formations really add movement and life, the ripples travelling outwards allowing for the connotations of even more movement. The colours as well, work, the underlying turquoise in the sea really working well with the colder blues.

I feel there is a large amount of imagery that I could choose from, but the ones that stand out are definitely going to have to be the ones that show the most scope for the feelings of childhood memories, whether this ends up being the images that show a subtle hint of loneliness, or the images that show much more of a brighter, more vivid depiction, I’m not sure just yet.


  •  Here are the chosen images from this shoot, chosen mainly for the success of the shot and compositional interest.
  • There is a mix of lone images and quite busy sweeping landscapes, again, a mix of exposures and quality of light coming through within the shoot.
  • Some of the images need bit of tweaking, but I can do that within editing, as I think the extent it goes to is some cropping, some exposure and shadows manipulation, and bringing out some of the more dominant colours.


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