(First week of Easter – worked Easter Monday.)

This week was all about fleshing out my blog, getting research done, and deciding on steps ahead. On Tuesday I went down to Mudeford Quay for a shoot, wanting to explore more of my childhood places. This shoot went well, and consequentially, I had a big discussion with my mum (my out of uni tutor!) about the fact that I was actually feeling more of a connection to these places, as opposed to the still life objects I was shooting. After what Matt and I questioned in our last tutorial – can I just use landscapes, this seemed like a fitting revelation to me, as mum talked me through alot of the different places we went to and the memories and nostalgia just came flooding back.

This had me stumped though, as the shoots with the still life imagery I do still like, and would like to involve within my final pieces, so I think this is a question for when I’m back and discussing presentations with peers and tutors. But it was also suggested that I print on large pieces of silk, as a way of bringing forward my idea of printing on fabric – a lot of my imagery focuses around water and the sea, and if I could print on silk and hang it, the effects could be really immersive.

This only leaves me questioning what I then could do with my heat transfers, and if then I should do more. I did do some more last week, and sewed some more pieces together, but I just wasn’t feeling the material  I was printing on, and found the process to be not giving me the results I necessarily wanted. I think that in a way, I need to strip it right back and present in a simple yet effective way, not over thinking it like I am doing so too much now!

In terms of research, I’ve been getting up to date with all of that, placing the research backdated within my blog so it fits with the time and subject matter I was looking into specially then. This does seem a bit backwards, and I don’t really like working this way as I have to remember my mindset from this time, but found that once I get going, the research speaks for itself. I am feeling a lot calmer about this side of things now, as the research aspects really were getting me down, but now I have more of a understading, I think the shoots that I will be doing in the next few days before going back to uni will benefit from them.

On Thursday (12th) it’s my birthday and I was planning to give myself thursday through sunday to chill out and have some time to myself, but find myself itching to go out and shoot on location whilst I have the means to do it (the mummy and daddy taxi service…) This means that I’ll hopefully have all the images I need by this point, and when back in uni, start putting them together and creating (whatever) my final presentation is going to be.

Over the next two days I want to really finish up research points and getting up to date, so when I go back to uni I can really focus on just editing down my images and getting everything ready to hand in, and I can see myself being able to accomplish this, if I use my time wisely.

I’ve been making endless to do lists and over the next day have timeframed everything so I know how much time I have to spend doing things, instead of getting carried away and typing for England.


With most of the research and contextual pieces of work done and worked through, I am feeling much more calm about everything. In terms of my to do a list for today I have pretty much followed it exactly, and am feeling pretty good about my progress. I have reshuffled my blog slightly, as well as uploading a few missing pieces and categorising so it is all clear, in the hopes that a ‘clear space = a clear mind’.

Over the next few days I plan to go shoot a few more landscapes, hopefully being able to ponder on my presentation whilst I take a step back from the more intense blog work and focus on the part I really love to do – shoot. I’m hoping to get at least 3 or 4 more shoots completed over the next few days, so I can return to uni with all of my shoots completed (hopefully uploaded and edited on the day I shoot).


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