These edits I think are some of my favourite from this project, the cool blues and lilac/pink hues of whites (#DAD4D6) the hazy and distant memory like colour palette and atmosphere bring together the quiet imagery and feeling of ‘long ago’.

In the editing process I brought up the shadows to bring out some more detail, and then compensated by also bringing up the highlights really trying to knock the contrast straight out, creating more of a wash of colour, much similar to Monet’s colour palette, with a Turner like take on subject.

Like I mentioned in my initial shoot analysis, the overexposed whites had to be taken down, and so I added a calming filter to take down some of the ferocity, whilst also bringing down the temperature ever so slightly, as to bring this cool tone down even further.

Cropping and retouching wise, only a few images needed straightening, namely the ones of the sea, where the horizon line wasnt quite straight, or a few needed cropping unnecessary people or lines out of the image.


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