In regards to sticking to my proposed brief, I think I’ve done pretty well in making sure my new idea actually fits with the language and descriptions I used when I first set out with this project.

‘My project title ‘Énouement’ explores the bittersweet emotion of wanting to return to the past and tell yourself how things will work out.

I am aiming to explore the world of childhood and memory, nostalgia and sentimentality, with a narrative documentary approach, exploring theories relating to psychological and scientific analysis, studying childhood attachment to not only objects, but places and ‘things’.

I think I need to focus more on the research and theory side of things, making sure that they are underpinning my project at all times. ‘Places’ and ‘things’ I think I have covered pretty broadly with the influence of landscapes, but also toys etc.

The project will be primarily autobiographical although I also want to explore the possibility of using subjects beyond myself to explore their memories through interview or survey.

Even at this point I had set out to do an autobiographical project, and therefore have not found I have strayed too far from the brief. I have indeed explored further, but found this unfulfilling, taking a much more distanced approach to something I felt was really personal.

With interest in physical mediums of photography, I want to widen my approach with experimentation, printing on fabrics or alternative mediums, leaning towards an end-user context of gallery space, presenting with either a range of physical items, or  prints and a photobook.

An interest in the physical format was already clearly laid out, from the get go an interest in exploring something further than just ‘straight’ photography.

I will also consider experimenting with film and moving image as alternative formats that may well led to the narrative implied, film having a ‘honesty’ in its authentic chemical process and moving image having a possibility to transport the viewer in to the moment, bringing an ease to a visualisation of a childhood that can universally breach the memories of a wider audience.

Sadly, I think I may have run out of time to shoot film, especially on a bigger medium format, as the time to develop them and scan them in has gone. Moving image I did express an interest in, but decided that perhaps it would take away from the project, giving the viewer the feeling almost immediately, and not really adding much in other ways. I do though, want to include the audio aspect of video, so editing and finding ways to do this I think will be somewhat similar.

I hope that this project will enable me to have a better understanding of the psychological impact and relationship between past, present and memory, exploring perhaps Freud’s analysis of both dreams and personality, following his statement of

‘If anyone should feel inclined to overestimate the state of our present knowledge of mental life, a reminder of the function of memory is all that would be needed to force him to be more modest’.

Also using fundamental practices of Roland Barthes theories on representation, especially bringing in his theories on studium and punctum, as I start to bring in ideas of recreating childhood memories in a sensitive way,

Briefly explored in a shoot analysis, wanting to use more to explain my imagery in a more personal way.

and of course, artists such a Phil Toledano’s project When I was 6, a conceptual documentary working with memory. A common theme with Toledano’s work lays in the concept of phototherapy – using creativity to grow and heal as a person, and I think further exploration into this would enhance the sensitive nature of a project of this kind.’

Artist research is being done, and Toledano’s work referenced quite alot in my early analysis.
The concept of phototherapy I think is an ongoing process as opposed to soemthing that can be pinpointed, but a little more in depth consideration for it in my work I don’t think would go amiss.




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