Crits are exhausting. Being so in tune and concentrating for a full day takes it out of me, but I try to offer what I can to people regardless of when they presented, as everyone’s feedback was invaluable to me.

Offering to present first (not sure why I did), I felt unsure of how to present and what to present, but ran through my MAIN FOCUS POINTS from my presentation, before moving onto my blog, showing different shoots and research, and then finally showing my physical work and asking my questions. The feedback I got, like I mentioned, was really helpful, and has definitely made me consider a few things going forward and how much I could still go within this project. It also brought to my attention some of the lack of research, and further development of my ideas and practise on my blog, and I think within the next week I need to set aside a few days just to really get stuck into working with research and ‘fleshing out’ my blog.

I took a lot from the session, and also loved seeing everyone elses’ work, being inspired by imagery and research that others have done.

In terms of feedback, the evaluation form that Max filled in for me (and vice versa), it is helpful to get everyone’s thoughts written down and the session recorded, and helpful for now to evaluate my progress.

The first evaluation point talks about research in further fields than just photography, to which Max has put down

  • research into the brain/memory
  • mixed media artists
  • artist research

I am aware that at this point I haven’t really gone further than photographers, but now that this has been brought to my attention, I aim to start looking into still life painters, and more research into the more theoretical/ psychological views on things. I need to push this much further in the next week/s, especially gathering information from areas that aren’t just photographically based.

The second question revolves around pre-visualization of ideas and asking if it was appropriate to the proposal I set out.
I am aware that there isn’t much on my blog to do with this at this point, but in rough notes I have artists and working out ideas, which I need to translate into digital format. In regards to artists, the amount of change from the beginning of my project until now is quite substantial, and I have pockets of research from different strands of ideas that I could have followed but didn’t.

Third question asks to describe the quality of idea development, to which Max replied with ‘strong test work and idea development evident on blog’. This is helpful to see from another person, as I was doubting that it was showing through my blog, but I hope that if its evident now, when I do start ‘working backwards’ and writing up all my notes, it can really show how much things have changed and progressed.

Fourth question queries on the evidence of technical evidence, to which I think while pretty obvious in person at this point, has not been evidenced on my blog yet, and I have a couple of pages of notes relating to experimentation and the process, so as soon as I get that written up and my pieces photographed, it will start coming together a bit more, especially with the ‘methods and techniques’

Fifth question covered the idea of evaluations, which I personally doing okay with, weekly evaluations taking place, alongside notes in my notebook whenever I test something, or find any new artists. I think this is helping me to keep track of things, and definitely so in regards to being able to mentally ‘sort out’ my mind from week to week, especially knowing how much I still need to do and sort out.

The strengths of this project were covered in question six, Max and all my peers mentioning the fact that the experimentation aspect was really strong, and being able to visualise a stronger final piece due to the fact that I was showing them. I feel that if I had my blog up together, or the artist research that I have started finished off, this could be a strength, as I have shown that in previous work a strength is the analysis and research that goes into conceptualizing and working with the research I have carried out to underpin my work. I hope from this point forward I can really get going with this again, especially as I feel much more ‘in the zone’ with the penultimate few weeks left in the project.

Improvements were noted in question seven, but it was something I knew already – the research aspect of things. I personally think improvements also come in the form of lack of a wider collection of imagery, and so think this can be quickly amended with a quick look around in the attic for childhood toys and doing some more still life, aswell as maybe finding some more locations to shoot in, and possibly mixing the two?

The next section was responding to my questions, but I will cover this in another post where I can fully explore the answers.

Overall, it was helpful to discuss themes and ideas further with the group, and definitely invaluable to get feedback on how my ideas were working within my context. In regards to this, it was mentioned that possibly the idea of the end-user context being gallery related with an installation, maybe sculptural piece with the fabric/mixed media pieces, a book with a small addition of text that could not explain the ideas, but add to the narrative also with the sound aspect (playing audio from childhood videos alongside a look through the book) allowing the viewer to have a full sensory immersion into the ideas of childhood and their own memory.

I am aware of how much more there is to do for this project, but I think in terms of getting my ideas straight in my head, it’s going okay, its just the translation into digital terms that needs a lot of work. I hope I can change this in the next week, as I need to be experimenting and shooting over the first week of Easter, so I can start putting everything together as soon as I am back from the break, and getting ready for final hand in. Scary stuff.


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