This week has been positive, a good change to the previous week, and I was in uni a lot more, after having been away for quite a bit. I found this helped, but also didn’t, realising how much more work I can get done from home it feels odd to put myself into a situation where I know I won’t get as much achieved, as I know how easily distracted I am. In regards to this, I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday afternoon, and due to snow I couldn’t travel in the morning, so I decided to spend the day working from home. By this point I was ready to get back into uni and start talking to others about the change in my idea, and so Tuesday was welcome.
We had our talk with Joanna Paterson on Tuesday morning, which I really enjoyed, it was interesting and inspiring to hear from an industry level photographer, especially someone like Jo, who was honest and transparent with her words. Due to this I only got a short chat with Matt, which I didn’t use to my best advantage, finding myself muffling my words and doing a bad job of getting things across. I felt frustrated with myself as I found myself miscommunicating, which led Matt to take these realties and suggest ideas to me that I found difficult to relate, but interesting to see how a badly communicated idea can throw up new ideas into the mix. With this in mind, Matt suggested I go towards more of an installation type presentation/end-user context, with Annette Messanger coming up, but also Tony Oursler with his projection work, which did in fact inspire me to take out the projector, and I plan to do some test shoots later this evening.

Wednesday I went out on another location shoot to a childhood place, and this shoot went really well, being able to find my style again and work with the natural light, as well as feel at home and connected to my environment I think had a big impact on the photos. Being in a place you’ve been hundreds of times before and seeing it through the lens of a camera instead of your eye allows you to see it in a new light, aswell as bring forward the familiarity to the images. In regards to the amount of imagery I have now, I think it could be enough, or is way too little, I think with a project like this, the more variety the better, and as much exploration into the nostalgia; the better. I do think though, I need some more still life imagery, as well as collecting objects and materials that I could use. I’m hoping that the critique tomorrow will give me some more ideas into future materials and methods that have potential, as well as the overall feeling that people get from my work.

Thursday all day session was the first all day session I had done in a while and it was a very productive day, although I did take myself away from the rest of the group and sit further away so I wouldn’t get distracted, using my time as much as I could to get caught up, as I really did feel very far behind at this point (I’ve done quite a bit of catching up both literally but also mentally in the last few days). I had a good tutorial with Rob, which really helped, especially getting an outsiders opinion on the project, as he had been there when I first had a tutorial with Lauren, so it was nice to be able to explain how much of a journey my project had come on, and how much I still wanted to add to it. It was also nice to get a new perspective from someone who kinda approached it point-blank and let me explain everything (at this point I was very sure of my ideas, and found it so much easier to convey and communicate them, which seemed to directly come from the feeling of being organised and ‘all caught up’) and then was able to respond with points that questioned not only my processes, but also some things I hadn’t thought of. I found this invaluable, as it allowed me to get excited and inspired, as he also was giving off these vibes to me, suggesting things that seemed to fit directly into my project, but also suggesting things that made me go ‘ooh no, not that’, which again, allowed me to see that I am quite confident in the ideas that I have.

With all this in mind, staying late on thursday and then getting started working at home on Friday didn’t feel like such a chore, instead I wanted to get right back into the project, and people around me were remarking on how much the way I was talking about and discussing my project and work had changed. I also noticed a big difference within myself, and despite now only having a couple more weeks left to achieve what (hopefully) isn’t what I set out to do (in regards to the growth and ‘journey’ of the project), I’m excited to see what comes out of it.

Friday morning I used to do some experimenting with heat transfers and paper transfers, and these only brought my excitement higher, really liking the results. I found it added a new dimension to the work I was doing and instead of just visualising what I was doing in my mind, was using a literal way forward to actually see my work. I know in the past I use a lot of ‘what ifs’ to talk about experimenting with my work, and it is exciting to actually get started and make.

In the afternoon I focused on artist research, as I know at the moment I’m behind on not only that, but also the more psychological side of things, and am aware that next week I need to spend a good few hours getting up to date with that, as I think without this knowledge, the underpinning of my work through reasoning falls apart slightly, and I feel that it can only get stronger if I do use this reasoning. I do think that it is slightly weaker because I don’t have the knowledge, and would really like to change that, because it is so easily changed.

  • enjoy just making, mistakes are good too (made a lot of them when experimenting)
  • balance time between research, shooting/editing more effectively
  • get some more underpinning research completed (perhaps most urgent).

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