• Show blog, ‘decay’ prints, fabric prints, future ideas/ end user context slide?
    1. Are the mediums that I’m using to present on appropriate for the mood/atmosphere of a nostalgic look at childhood? Which other mediums could I go onto use and how do you think these could help bring forward the way you feel about the work?
    2. Do you think I need more objects/toys/memorable items as opposed to just landscapes? More of a typology type project?
    3. In my brief I label the work as a narrative documentary project, I think I have covered the documentary aspect, how else could I bring forward the narrative aspect?


    • Talk about how project has changed and matured, into looking at the ‘decay’ of a memory and the fear of losing it, how this has backed up the use of ‘decaying’ mediums.
      • Talk through further mixed media work and what I want to achieve with that – show blog post + pinterest board of further ideas (ask question 1. in conjunction to this).
    • Talk about connection to places/ things and how this is affecting the things I shoot



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