• Use old stories – old text, use found text, personal text (diaries, memory box stuff?)
  • With influence from artists such as Phil Toledano and Aaron Schuman, we discussed the idea that my project could have as much meaning, or absolutely no meaning at all, depending on layout, presentation and ways of working through the ideas. With this in mind, its important to maintain a level of viewer participation, as to make sure I am communicating the right atmosphere, emotion and feelings.
    • This requires a big think into an end-user context and how I am presenting the work to convey these things.
  • In regards to this, we discussed perhaps an installation piece, when I brought up the idea of moving image, Rob suggested isolating parts of it, especially the audio. Using audio from childhood videos whilst playing alongside a very immersive experience of being able to touch and feel all the pieces that I have made, perhaps presenting them as separate pieces, aswell as being scanned into a book and working with this.


  • Another talking point came in the form of the black and white edits I did of the Lantern shoot, Rob asking me if perhaps my memories contained a sadness about the photos, as they are in B+W and these connotations come across quite strongly. This was not intentional, only because the original colour palette was murky and bleak that I edited them into B+W, simply because I liked the aesthetic. Further feedback from peers revealed similar connotations, also noticing the style being different to my usual, likening it to similar style created by another photographer in my group.

This tutorial was really useful, helping me think about not only an end user context in more detail, but also how to carry my idea forward in terms of experimetnation. I’m now really excited to get started on the experimentation side of things, and eager to start using the research and contextual research to link the project to a more pyschological route of how and why the tactile and more ‘in touch’ way of reacting to a project like this can link to nostalgia and those feelings of bittersweet longing for early childhood.


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