• This location is a poignant one, as being a 10 minute walk from my first house around the Lantern Community, my former years were steeped in warnings about going ‘up to the top forest’ without any adults. Weekly ‘Wednesday afternoon’ walks with my class at school gave us the freedom to run around freely (aslong as we were in threes and in eye line of our teacher at all times) and so there isn’t an inch of this area of forest that doesn’t have memories connected to it.
  • Originally I was going to shoot around the Lantern again, but found the whole issue of getting permission to shoot around the site too long a process for the time I had.
  • So instead I started in the public gardens around the Lantern, and then moved up into the forest area that is linked by the Castleman Trailway. I used to spend a lot of time up there with school, going on weekly walks, but also with my parents, and later my friends. The whole forest is steeped in memory.
  • I shot with my 35mm, with a low ISO to keep clarity, but also because the day was bright, and the overcast nature of the light was bouncing the light everywhere.
  • Sticking with a medium shutter speed of 1/125ths of a second, the majority of the changes were done with the change of the aperture, working with this rather than changing the ISO or shutter speed, as the day was still and a fast speed wasn’t necessary.
  • I think this shoot is one of my favourite, and also one of my most successful so far. The focus on light and the way it interacts with the environment is so important it seems within this shoot. I think these images work best – the strongly lit pieces that have a real emphasis on light, as opposed to images that simply display the environment. They have a very strong atmosphere of nostalgia to them I feel, and I think with the editing style I have developed so far, they could really tie into the colour palettes of ‘childhood memories’.
  • The shots that seem to work better (in regards to light) are the ones that work with a higher F stop, such as F4 ranging to F11, as the focus on the light is easier to see when the light being allowed into the camera is better.
  • I think in terms of editing, the paler images will possibly work better, as the pink and pastel tones with work with the white, bland and overexposed skies.
  • The only problem I do see is the lack of variety within the shoot, due to the fact I was shooting in the forest, the nature of the shoot would be very similar, but I have a habit of taking multiple images, with not much change. Better to have more than little, bit in a way, annoying to edit down.
  • I think the wider landscapes also work better than any sort of close up imagery, as the details don’t quite give away as much as the larger landscapes do, working on a psychological level to invite you into the landscape, but also letting the space breathe and work with the memory, the landscapes more of what you remember than the details of the time.
  • I think more shoots similar to this will be beneficial, as the landscapes say more than the still life I’ve been doing I think, and especially working with the harsh light, I think it’ll be interesting to test out overcast lighting swell, just to see how the feeling of the shoots change in relation to the lighting.

I think this shoot is a benchmark as to where to head to next, as this was succesful, and could really improve the way my project could go, as morale is slightly low at the moment. I think this is probably a moving on point, as the way forward is a lot more clear.


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