Now I have a solid justification for ‘decaying’ my photos, I came up with a list of techniques that might be interesting to either research into or literally try.

PINTEREST BOARD – experimentation
– Different techniques and presentation ideas for end-user context later on.

  • transfer onto fabric and wash? – sew back into; draw back into with water-soluble pens?
    • this way the ink can break down further, and the pen can then add more detail back into the image
    • Polaroid Photography by Abby Murphy, via Behance  Series of Polaroid 669 lifts mounted on found paper and fabric
  • weather glass + PVA transfer – sandpaper down afterwards??
    • I like the idea of glass transfers a lot, as Matt noticed my work has alot of links to light, and perhaps transferring an image to glass is possibly the closest to being directly connected to light.

Transfer photos on to beach glass...Tutorials for wonderful uses for photo transfers.

  • draw / write into photo? print on matte textured paper NOT glossy/ epson paper (ink runs/ smudges)
    • this is an interesting technique to add more personality to what could be a ‘straight’ image, using perhaps personal insights to add another dimension to the image
    • Horst AdemeitATT LÄMNA ALLT
    • Beste Spotifiy Playlist zum Entspannen | Hermine on walk
  • leave in water
    • how much will an image degrade if you leave it in water for a while?
  • bury in dirt
  • heat/ water paper transfers
    • the transferring of the image breaks down some of the strength of both the pigment and paper and therefore literally becomes something that looks like its decaying.
    • image transfer con pellicola polaroid
  • projection – using projections onto objects and re-photographing them could produce something that holds quite a few layers of meaning.
    • This could include mediums such as glass and marbles, as a way to continue to create metaphorical and literal ‘layers’ that end up being a way to create more depth in the viewers mind.

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