Once I had tried out one image in black and white, the rest seemed to lend themselves to the preset. Upping the sharpness and clarity to give the images more depth, I used a dark contrast while also bringing some of the depth out of the shadows, allowing some more of the detail to come through.

As I said before, the original images with the in camera filter appeared quite bleak and lonely, with no justification as to why, but I think with these, much more of a striking effect is in place, using the lack of colour to focus more on subject matter and compositional interest.

I think some need more editing, I think these two could do with being darkened slightly, I think the original images were slightly overexposed and so the preset effected them differently, but when put with the other images, they do seem to work. They also have quite a cold quality to them so maybe I could warm them up slightly aswell.

I feel the black and white filter takes away some of the connotations of colour, and allows you to start putting colours from your own childhood into the images. I think this is a powerful way to view images as you almost have complete control over which stand out to you most. Also they stand alone as their own images in black and white, giving a timeless and romanticized feel to them. Definitely in the more macro shot with the accidental bokeh, it feels very soft and delicate.

I love the contrast in detail, and its definitely a technique I want to try more of, if just simply for the images that I get out of it and how I can start to see a difference in how subtly different techniques can suggest and give new feelings and connotations.

As a dip into editing with black and white, I think these suit it very well, it’ll be interesting to see if a big difference occurs if the lighting is harder and I get deeper and harsher shadows, but I think that’s something to test once I have shot more images.


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