• This location is, put simply, where I grew up. The house you see is Folly Farm, my home from birth to the age of 7, and the other pictures are the grounds in which I spent my childhood. Every picture symbolises something else, every picture has a memory connected to it, every image is trying to convey to the viewer the level of connection I feel to this location.
  • go to Lantern to shoot, childhood places, test/location scout for next film/video shoot.
  • Wanted to shoot moving image on Panasonic dv, but connecting to PC seems too tricky just for a test shoot. Have alternative methods I’m interested in – more moving image/ 35mm film etc.
  • Fujifilm xt10 with 35mm
  • camera settings adjusted to surroundings.
  • clear plastic bag placed over camera to shield from the rain
  • I think as far as location scouting shoots go, this was okay, as I pretty much know the area, I just needed to reaffirm some of the places in my mind.
  • The day I went was cloudy, with occasional rain showers. This was okay for a location test shoot, but I think the photos are quite bleak and have quite a sad quality to them, especially with the in camera filter of ‘chromatic chrome’ making all the colours slightly more muted.
  • I feel like the word that comes to mind is definitely ‘lonely’ which is not the feeling I wanted to convey at all, definitely not in this place, so I think going back on a sunnier day is essential.
  • A strong theme of trees, nature, and all the gorgeous textures that present themselves within these genres come out here, a thematic approach definitely working within this context. I feel like some harder light will help to define these details further, as the shadows become the way that depth is conveyed.
  • I feel like the details that I’ve mentioned could have more of an emphasis placed upon them, I think for a future shoot this could be even more revealing to my theme, as I start to focus on places that really relate to just my childhood – that hold a resonance within my memory. It’ll be interesting to see how I can match up these places from memory to reality, and then how much I can bring them into my work.
  • I am particularly drawn to the trees and nature side of things throughout the shoot, I think it must be because of the more ‘permanent’ nature of trees – they were there when I lived there, so ey remind me of those times. I think this is something that’svery easy to focus on, maybe spinning the project around to look at decaying memories and working with this as opposed to a more general outlook would perhaps suit the direction I’m heading in.
  • I think the images of the trees have a calming nature, nd the texture of the bark and details within that I think could become something very similar to the concept of Phil Toledano’s work, working with the abstract but also the actual objects.
  • Because of this, it does not matter that the trees are centred and break the rule of thirds instead, a confrontational image demands your attention, working with the confrontational style of the past. The composition of these shots are very simple, with a standard back, middle and foreground giving the images depth, and with the trees of the background being slightly blurred due to a somewhat shallow depth of field, the image comes together as something that requires as little or much energy as you choose to put into it.
  • The other landscape shots are slightly more busy, with elements almost competing for your eye, but ultimately, I think this adds more to the images, leaving you really feeling your ‘punctum’. I think they’re also too busy because I’m standing at the wrong vantage points, as I was feeling a bit timid of just shooting whatever I wanted, as this area is no longer my home. As my mum is a manager there, maybe its an idea just to confirm with her and the other managers that it is 100% okay to take photos of the grounds to use (I did have permission for this, I would jsut like a more formal way through?)
  • Again though, if I do start to use a more abstract approach with some more macro work, maybe this won’t be such a problem, but I’d still like the opportunity to use some more landscape work.


As a test/location scouting session, I think this shoot did actually go well, as I have more of an idea of where and how I can shoot. When I did the shoot I went with another person who doesn’t have a connection there, and it was really interesting to be able to talk him through the different places, memories and things that stood out to me. This helped my initial thinking, but I think as it’s such a personal project, the next shoot almost deserves to be a lone one, just so I can really spend as much time as I need to in each location, and using the space as much as I can.

  • go alone
  • make sure weather is better (or wear more suitable shoes i.e wellies)
  • maybe shoot with a wider angle lens? (test)
  • use film/video
  • get confirmation of permission, then get really into location

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