TUTORIAL WITH LAUREN/ artist research

In this tutorial we mostly discussed the idea of creating these childhood scenes with sets and lighting, although we mostly covered the idea of physically building them.

Lauren suggested I look at David Levinthal, as some of the wooden toys close-ups reminded her of his use of Depth of Field, as well as conveying a sense of movement within the imagery. Image result for david levinthalImage result for david levinthal

Creating a series of sets with different elements in could be interesting, including a sort of ‘universal gravitas’ that people could relate to.
Artists relating to this include Corinne May Botz with her series of miniature crime scenes – The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Deaths, 2004. Image result for corinne may botz nutshell studies

Her use of framing, scale, colour and DOF is something to really examine if I did go down this path.
Anne Hardy aswell, with a grandiose sets where you’re not entirely sure who’s coming or going, whos been or gone, or whats happened spark interest in me if I were to look into set building. Image result for anne hardy

I think the strong pull on creating these sets come from the still life aspect of shooting my old toys and dolls at the moment,t and trying to find a way to bring more of a narrative to it. I think that working with this still life aspect and also going forward with other ideas is a good plan, as I can dip into both for inspiration, without losing a strand of exploration that I could be using.

I think I perhaps meant more literal scenarios though, with a direct set up of people and props in a scene, using lighting, model casting and prop finding to really pull the scene together. I think this is ambitious for me to do, and frankly quite terrifying as it is so new, and I’m not sure how much I am interested in it 100%. I will conduct further research into it though, as it does also seem like a really fun opportunity.



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