With my initial ideas of creating a set with recreating these stereotypical childhood memories, I wanted to look at some research that really opened this up and allow me to get to know this style that I’m interested in shooting in.

All these artists have common themes – they all use big lighting, stylised sets, and constructed and cinematic approaches to their scenes.

‘THEATRES OF THE REAL’ – Joanna Lowry, David Green

This book was suggested as my approach is very similar to the ideas covered in this book, with the staged, theatrical nature of the photographers work.

Philip Lorca DiCorca – Hustlers (1980-1990s)

Image result for philip lorca dicorcia

Gregory Crewdson – Cathedral of the Pines 

The Disturbance.Mother and Daughter.The Den, from Cathedral of the Pines

Bill Finger – Previously 
  • Miniature sets created to depcit crime scenes, then destroyed.

Previously - Bill FingerPreviously - Bill FingerPreviously - Bill Finger

Hannah Starkey


Jeff Wall

Image result for jeff wallImage result for jeff wallImage result for jeff wall

Annabel Oosteweeghel

Image result for Annabel Oosteweeghel obliviousRelated imageRelated image

Erwin Olaf
  • Highly stylised, with harsh lighting and highly conscious fashion and styling.

Image result for erwin olafImage result for erwin olafImage result for erwin olaf


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