Edited on VSCOcam (mobile app) using the preset Chromatic 1, at full opacity, upping the shadows to take away some of the deeper tones and creating a really hazy and ‘light’ atmosphere. Also upping the grain to give the nostalgic ‘film look’ effect, aiming to recreate some kind of ‘throwback’ feeling, the more vivid tones (well, vivid as they can be) tying in nicely to the hazy background and subject matter.

Using much the same settings here (once decided on an editing style, an option to batch edit is easily accessible), again, the blues and slightly pink tint to the highlights of the images really pulling on that feeling of nostalgia, to me at least, reminding me of a ‘newborn’ colour palette, with the pastel pinks, yellows and soft easy blues.


As a first editing style I think it definitely works with this shoot, but it will be interesting to see how I go forward and how different styles of lighting and objects will bring out different editing styles and moods.


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