• collect childhood object – from attic, from Betsy (Betsy Friday?)
  • start collecting textures, start with the basic materials, later on see how  can start ti bring in things such as ore surreal and obscure thing?properly building sets wit wooden floors?/ curtains etc? put in Barbies – set up scenes? Surreal, create ‘weird’ scenes 
  • conduct test shoots in various locations – use natural lighting, but also utilize (very) strong direct bedside/work lamp.


  • start research into the hippo-campus/amygdala/ nostalgia/ memory (find websites/papers to read/print)
  • decide whether I want to make this universal or very autobiographical – see how shoots go, which direction they take me? – if I find that shooting with my own/families objects provide more of a closer connection then I’ll do that – but might be interesting to see how differently the photos present themselves if they’re not mine?

I think today I have the opportunity to make a dent in starting this project in ‘real life’ as opposed to just having it floating in concept land. I think this is daunting for me, as I really want it to all go well – but paradoxically, it can’t go well until I start it!

I think even if I start to collect bits and bobs to photograph and do one test shoot, I can start to really see how things will start to look, and therefore create more of a solid plan in my head in regards to how I need to move forward and into the project.


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