• Broader research? use social media to broaden responses to interview questions, get more of a wider level of opinions.
  • DIFFERENT OBJECTS = DIFFERENT STYLES – explore how different objects can be used to create different styles – heavily nostalgic, clinical, surreal – how each can be read and have a different emotion taken from each ‘way’ of presenting.
    • explore using studio, see if I like it or not – then can justify not using it further down the line.
    • allows for different approaches, different styles of photography, different techniques.
  • FOR INTERVIEWS – book out kit from SiSo, microphone, tripod, camera (does my camera support microphones/ video format enough?)
    • lighting wise – LED lighting panels? if shooting in environmental situations, might be helpful? (get inducted by Jason)
    • model release forms


  • Responses from interviews/surveys materials question – gather materials to print on? experimentation influences from colours/ and materials feedback


  • Consider conducting lighting tests in the studio this week, prep for next week shoot?
    • within this project, challenge myself with lighting and artificial lighting (move out of my comfort zone little bit)
  • book out kit for Tuesday/Wednesday
  • book studio for more tests?


  • Book out Hasselblad/Mamiya/ Polaroid for further experimentation later on in the project? Or even test out in studio (to test out lighting in relation to how to use film camera).
  • Use 35mm for location shoots?


This tutorial really got me into action, as I have been working all weekend, and didn’t achieve anything on Friday. I realised just how much I still have to plan and work through things, deciding whether I want to focus on using other people so much, or focus on my own childhood. I think at this point I want to keep it broad, but definitely start to narrow down certain aspects, using later shoots to explore locations and my childhood memories around these places.The idea of creating an action plan was considered, and I think that might be the next course of action – using my time for the rest of today to deal with logistics and how to start shooting within the next couple days/ weeks.


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