Review Progress and Achievement

Reviewing the first 2 stages, I have found that not only have I began to develop a ‘style’; a voice that allows me to navigate within the context of photography, but also began to recognise myself as a creative, with the techniques and skills I have gained aiding my growth.

I recognise my emphasis on the contexts and written aspects and would like to allow myself more scope for experimentation and ‘play’, exploring new paths.

I find myself drawn towards the idea of using photography as a physical medium, lectures I have attended spurring my interest towards photobooks and allowing fine art and graphic design aspects to become influences. The photography pathway has allowed me to explore the beginnings of this, and I am aiming to continue to explore this through a BA degree.

Project Concept

My project title ‘Énouement’ explores the bittersweet emotion of wanting to return to the past and tell yourself how things will work out.

I am aiming to explore the world of childhood and memory, nostalgia and sentimentality, with a narrative documentary approach, exploring theories relating to psychological and scientific analysis, studying childhood attachment to not only objects, but places and ‘things’. The project will be primarily autobiographical although I also want to explore the possibility of using subjects beyond myself to explore their memories through interview or survey.
With interest in physical mediums of photography, I want to widen my approach with experimentation, printing on fabrics or alternative mediums, leaning towards an end user context of gallery space, presenting with either a range of physical items, or prints and a photobook. I will also consider experimenting with film and moving image as alternative formats that may well led to the narrative implied, film having a ‘honesty’ in its authentic chemical process and moving image having a possibility to transport the viewer in to the moment, bringing an ease to a visualisation of a childhood that can universally breach the memories of a wider audience.

I hope that this project will enable me to have a better understanding of the psychological impact and relationship between past, present and memory, exploring perhaps Freud’s analysis of both dreams and personality, following his statement of

‘If anyone should feel inclined to overestimate the state of our present knowledge of mental life, a reminder of the function of memory is all that would be needed to force him to be more modest’. 

Also using fundamental practices of Roland Barthes theories on representation, especially bringing in his theories on studium and punctum, as I start to bring in ideas of recreating childhood memories in a sensitive way, and of course, artists such a Phil Toledano’s project When I was 6, a conceptual documentary working with memory. A common theme with Toledano’s work lays in the concept of phototherapy – using creativity to grow and heal as a person, and I think further exploration into this would enhance the sensitive nature of a project of this kind.


With the ease of a blog I aim to reflect and evaluate as I go, using each post to at least use reference towards what I want to achieve. I feel I am already quite thorough within my analysis of shoots and progress but wish to maintain perhaps a separate level of analysis in which I can actively use it to move forward.

With the opportunity for review at the end of the project, I aim to critically analyse both my shortcomings and things that I feel went well, as well as how I managed both my organisation and sticking to the brief; if it fulfils the representation and ideas that I set out to cover.

Time Plan

Final-Major-Project-Time-Plan-Proforma-2018-Excel-spreadsheet (1) (1)

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