I feel my pitch went well, the group seemed to react positively to my idea, with a lot of valuable feedback coming from our discussions. I went through the PowerPoint quite quickly, using it as more of an aid than a presentation.

Leya wrote me notes to evidence both suggestions from peers and Lauren (leading our session), aswell as noting down any artists or further research points I could explore.

  • Aware of the importance of planning shoots and organizing time
  • Nice broad theme and concept
  • Researching into place attachment of childhood and theory on the psychology of attachment
  • worked through ideas well and narrowed down
  • end context user though about in detail and ways of presenting work
  • experimental approach; good initial ideas to look at different media, moving image, film, physically manipulating/making
  • nice clear idea and very passionate
  • put objects (from childhood) alongside something – maybe not their own
  • childhood stills, needs looking at more to experiment
  • ROGER BARRON – conceptual fine art/mixed media
  • working with people you have no connection with? think about subject matter
  • think about something people can universally connect with
  • influence photography as an album has on our life – research
  • hippo-campus – storage of memory and triggers – explore for theoretical research
  • JOSHUA SARINANA – memory, photographs and the human brain
  • AYALA GAZIT – explore memory of the trace of someone
  • JAN BAETENS – time and photography – historical purpose of childhood
  • need to look at artist, photographers who look at snapshots, childhood, family albums
  • kids books and illustrations – Peter Rabbit
  • Online forums, surveys
  • interview people for memories of childhood – primary research could bring in moving image interviews
  • physical manipulation, polaroids, etc.


These notes are so helpful to me, and as I go into writing my proposal and ‘action plan’ I am aware that I need to start incorporating them into my work. Things such as practical methods and and research points I can start using within my blog posts exploring both these things, as I want to explore the ideas raised from the pitch.
I think the first step for me is getting my proposal written and research conducted, incorporating theories and artists both introduced here and within my initial exploration.


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