• Portfolio descriptions
  • Bath Spa asked me for a listed index of images and a description of each project brief, which I put together on word, with the final images I used and a title (aswell as the obvious project brief).
  • portflio
  • I included my blog address, and tried to make sure the layout was as easy to read as possible, as I was aware I wouldn’t be taking the interviewer through my portfolio, they would look and then interview afterwards.
  • This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    I printed these out A3 and included them in the front of my portfolio box from Matt.

  • My interview was on Tuesday 30th, and so we travelled up the night before, as I was asked to be there for 930am. We were shown around the campus again by the course leader after we had dropped off our portfolios, and then were given our interview times.
  • I loved being able to get a feel for the place again, but this time with students around aswell, it was nice to be able to see the atmosphere that was created.
  • My interview went well (in my eyes!), and it was comfortable, more of a discussion about work, photography within the context and a couple of more scripted questions – why Bath Spa, why not fine art with emphasis on photography, why photography’.
    • The question about fine art with emphasis on photography caught me out slightly, as in all reality, I hadn’t considered this maybe as much as I should have. I thought about it though, and found the answer I came to was the lack of enjoyment in A level art, even when I was using my own photography within my work.
  • I left the interview buzzing, as I had asked all the questions that also needed to ask – average days, emphasis on studio work, amount of contact time within the days, and how many days students are expected to be in.
  • I was offered a place on the 31st! (conditional – pass the foundation course).
    • The same day I was also offered an unconditional from the Brighton photography course!

I am pretty much dead set on the Bath Spa course now, especially having been interviewed instead of just sending a portfolio – it gave me a bit more of a feel for the surroundings that I could potentially be in. I think it gives me the right kinda feeling that people talk about – ‘when you know you know’. However I haven’t made this decision on UCAS yet, just in case anything changes. I am aware that it does need to be decided, but for now I think I’ll leave it to ponder upon slightly.

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