Starting to put my portfolio together seems like a daunting task. With a bit of a low key workshop/studio work chat on unit 6 and portfolio beginnings, the necessity of getting it all together before February assessment is dawning upon me.

The choice of having a digital of printed portfolio is of course, up to us, but the modern industry works so much with digital work that I think starting an online portfolio is probably more of a necessity.
Flickr is the suggested site, with around 12-20 photos showing most recent, current work, and relying on this as opposed to any A level work, as using a large amount of older stuff could suggest that the work happening in foundation is not that great.
If using a printed portfolio, a sense of layout and cohesion is of course something to think about, as well as sizing and overall presentation – landscape orientation, or portrait? larger ratio of photo to white background or smaller?

For now I have uploaded a selection of my favourite work from foundation, but found it difficult to find all my final edits and all around my laptop. I think I need to reorganize before portfolio review, and start thinking about where and how I can keep all my images to a) use them for portfolio and b) to keep them safe and in one place!

I’ve kept all my images private for now, and am going to keep adding to the ‘camera roll’ as I find/create more images, definitely being aware of time and the necessity of getting things organised and finished at this stage.



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