Prism Shoot


the quality is awful. i know. the originals are better.

This shoot was purely experimental, working off my fascination of using the prisms I have in my room. I’ve found it actually works well with my poem, wokring off the word ‘fragmented’, really working with the disasociation and mental health aspect. I find the colours really calm, yet the vivid pastel colours really stand out.

In terms of camera set up, the settings didn’t really¬†change once I had established what worked, as the prism manipulated the light and settings anyway. A standard 600-800 ISO with a 35mm lens at F.2 inside and F.8 outside, the only thing really changing was the shutter speed at which I was shooting.

I basically held the round prism in front of the lens (it fit quite nicely directly into the lens protector ring I have) and let it hang there whilst I pressed the shutter. The slightly unexpected and unpredictable results that were coming out meant that no two photos were the same, and this was really exciting. Outside, the prism swung in the wind, and so this on top of the already slightly psychedelic images was starting to create a set of really quite diverse looking images. I feel like this would be really exciting to try out with portraiture in mind, you could create some really exciting results with a simple piece of kit.

These are my favourite from the set, the rainbow influence from the light hitting the prism really gives a atmospheric effect, working with the slightly ‘horror-esque’ colour palette ad subject matter. I think the darker blues work well in juxtaposition of the other blue images I have, especially with the contents of the image and the framing.

The contrast between these two sets is really vast, even though the kit and camera settings are the same. the first images were taken maybe 5 minutes after the second set, and this not only shows what an impact the location and quality of light has on the images, but also how quickly natural light can change.

The images have a really almost fairy tale, magical atmosphere to them , the repetition of the already repetitive patterns of nature’s flora reveals a way of seeing that is not natural to the human eye and asks for your intrigue. The colours here also, are very calm, your eyes simply washing over them, as they would if found in nature.

I feel this shoot, although unplanned and unexpected, went well, and I have a couple of images that i feel i could use alongside my text.


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