RATIONALE/ TUTORIAL/ lots and lots of rhetorical questions

  • working with open ended imagery, but using the poetry to become the main narrative – working with imagery in reaction/ response to this – can become quite experimental, not always relating completely to poetry in an obvious way? open interpretation, create your own narrative as a viewer, take what you will, allow for multiple takes, but almost keep my own to myself?
    • my own take will be dependant on how far I go with involving external imagery and how I manipulate these together – asking for new ‘readings’ of my work, how does this all work together?
  • the idea of creating a book/journal like piece takes on a direct form of narrative – a diary or some kind of documentation of time passing, instead of doing a temporal piece though, its based around the time and how it all works.

discussed project – ‘its about virginity, losing it, hints of how that then translated to my mental health, current views on disassociation, how it feels to go around life with that happening too.

  • imagery almost feels like 2 projects – do they work together? – print out and work out if they work (colour, shapes, concept etc)
  • set of imagery with roses – has more of a visible reaction within a viewer, literally has a reaction within me – ‘icky, claustrophobic, really uncomfortable’
    • which set is more appealing to me to work with, which set is more relatable to me now?
      • think I’m more attracted to set of rose images, as these touch on more of a personal thing – I’m happy to talk about my mental health in the open, perhaps exploring slightly more taboo ideas will open up the project to more of a more ‘exposing’ and therefore more ‘real’?
  • shoot more imagery if I work with first set – ‘lead up’ to working with ‘icky’ images, really create that narrative? – excitement, happiness, love, then eventual ‘downfall’ –  how would I then shoot that imagery? do I want to involve a human presence? – or create open ended imagery with images from connotations alone? a mix of human and still life?
  • backgrounds – experiment with paint swatches/different textured backgrounds, work alongside creating imagery and backgrounds, use a very direct correlation between background and imagery?
    • bringing in the more journal like aspects – how do I bring in drawing and stitching/ experimental aspects to it? does this have a place anymore? will it ruin the simplicity/busy nature of the images? do I want it to all be ‘too much’? lead up to it? simple at the beginning, pages getting busier and busier? more and more texture? narrative build up in a very abstract way? – almost work with the whole concept within itself throughout the book? BE messy, be ‘destructive’? don’t be so precious with it, create something really raw and messy, make sure the viewer understands the concept, or at least have a brief idea, through literally going through and exploring the book – don’t want to have to explain, just rationalise.

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