In this workshop we were encouraged to play with kit and methods found around the studio – we had Polaroid cameras, scanners, needle and thread, heat cameras etc.

This workshop was fun, and allowed to bring a bit more life into the method of ‘making’ photography, as all these methods are all quite hands on, I experimented with moving the Polaroids I had taken through the scanner, creating a very different approach to ‘what a photograph is’. It was interesting to see just how much you could manipulate a photo and still have an image to work with, some of my scans are nearly unrecognisable, but they do seem to still work, the basic principles of an image is still there.

Using the Polaroid camera was also fun, getting an instant print will always be a novelty as they are so expensive to buy nowadays!

I think that considering these options when working and even if I don’t use them for later on the project, just as an experimental phase, might help me to loosen up with my style, and start thinking about the approaches I could take within the genre of photography and how far out I could push it.


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