Narrative – Initial Ideas

  • work with text – poetry/literature? use as a starting point into further exploration of a visual representation of the piece of text
  • Romantic poets – visually express poem – ‘add to narrative instead of being narrative’
    • Pablo Neruda? rich mental/visual imagery could be created with depth of work + amount of description?
  • use text as a starting point – collect primary research in form of stories and create imagery from these


  • play a game of ‘circumstances’ – move chair to different places, tell a narrative through events that happen with chair? people interacting, people not interacting?
  • other objects? big, small? how easy it to transport something like this? does it have enough visual impact if using something small?
  • Photos that seem ‘boring’ but have the same ‘thing’ in throughout? create the narrative of the object, interesting to explore if you can ‘hide’ an object in plain sight.


  • text friends ‘favourite memory?’ create stories visually, incorporating texts in final images


  • work with fairytale/story – very constructed imagery – dress/makeup/location/lighting etc? – ‘find obscure references’ – look into Grimm fairytales, maybe focus on ‘evil’ characters, or characters generally not explored, create new narrative?


  • shoot somewhere like Molly’s Den – lowkey fashion piece, find details around to focus on – low tech production, maybe shoot film/disposable (use digital too) – create interesting ‘feel’ to photos + final imagery

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