Narrowing down to Final Images

These photos were narrowed down by Lauren predominantly, with me adding my thoughts. I let her narrow down the photos as I felt like I had too much of a connection to some of them, and found that she picked images that I perhaps wouldn’t have chosen personally. Some of my personal favourites didn’t fit, or wouldnt have fit, as Lauren explained her reasoning when she presented me with her decisions, and of course, they all made sense.
In all honesty, not using some of the images that I had grown really attached to is a bit disappointing, but I can definitely see where the decisions have come from, and I am always able to incorporate them in another medium, or even go ahead and use them regardless, although I’m not sure how successful the layouts would be if I went against a series of well thought out decisions.

The next step is to narrow down these images even further, and then have my tutorial tomorrow with Matt, and hopefully decide on a running order and the amount of text that I include aswell.

I think the colour palette within these images is a strong point, with a strong emphasis upon the natural light and how I have used it. I think these images all work well together as images of detail around my home, and as Lauren said, the little hints of ‘human presence’ dont quite fit within the larger scheme of things. I think when narrowing down even further, they might need to take to the background.

I think the cool and calm palette takes presedence over the more golden and ‘colour pops’, as there is definitely more images corresponding to that, aswell as the type of mood I am trying to convey fits more into the less intense and more harmonious atmosphere.

I’m excited to start putting my final layouts together, as I can really start to see at this point how it might work out to be, as I have to admit, although I did seem to have a hold on shoots and work, I was a bit worried about how it would all come together. I can start to see how it all will, and I’m onyl just worried about the justification for it all, which I can hopefully start to work through with the wider research on home and how I relate that to my final images.


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