Combinations of imagery and meanings

Although I have categorised my imagery, these layouts I put together on Twitter show how they can integrate in a way that compliment each other. I think it’s important to not only put together layouts and images that work together but also be mindful of the content of the images. In another way, it might be quite interesting to put together content that might not be linked in an obvious way, but in this first set, focusing on my mum washing up links all the other photos – her bed, and her favourite part of the house – the log burner. It’s this subtly that I think could work quite well, especially if I have text relating to it by the side.


In this layout however, the images are not connected in such a way other than the top two are my bedroom, and my shoes and the bottom is my parents bedroom and my dads gloves and scarf, which really is connected (area of living and accessories?)

I think it might be quite exciting to start pulling a few more of these together in subtle ways, and definitely start coming together when I start involving text.



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