Initial Ideas – pros and cons


Exploring the idea of home, what it means to me, how other people see their environment, different perceptions.
i.e I don’t see Bournemouth as ‘home’, nor Ringwood, see certain ‘places’ as home as opposed to areas.

  • on holiday; home is where you are staying.
  • uni students who live away from place of childhood, call their area ‘home’.
  • dad moved here, does he call Budapest home, here home or our house ‘home’?
  • in a relationship ‘wherever you are is my home’ (as an extension, look at relationships, not necessarily ‘love’, platonic?)
 visual connection
  • portrait shot of subject standing in their room/’safe environment’ on one page, on opposite their most ‘prized possession’/safe place and text explaining why.
  • birds eye view of a couple laying on a bed, sitting on the sofa, candid shots, close up of hands, subtle things – close-ups of whispering in ears, hugging, holding etc.
Pros –
  • create an interesting and diverse project focussing on documenting a variety of elements that take the connotation of ‘home’.
  • time we have allows me to really explore firstly my definition, then branch out to others. allows me to use a simple and effective documentary portrait series, incorporating the soft pastel palettes i explored in my initial mood boards.
Cons –
  • access to homes/rooms could be a potential difficulty, trust. ‘home’ could be quite broad, could be difficult to narrow down.
  • shots exploring my home environment could end up looking like quick, ‘ah deadline is approaching lets shoot something quick’ shots, which would be a disappointing outcome – execution is important here.
  • if I explored ‘relationships’ within this, would have to find a couple that wouldn’t mind modelling and I feel comfortable enough around.

Verdict: could be interesting, but access seems to be something to think about carefully.


Documenting my brother and his mates in a way that explores their weekend habits; smoking, going to park etc. exploring the way they dress, present themselves vs. who they are when ‘chilling’ in my brother’s room. could also become something with links to fashion – what they wear, how they present themselves that way.

visual connection –
  • shoot at night, minimal light, LED = harsh shadows and the inclusion of colour to pop and stand out, one side have portrait of group/ one person, opposite page, close up of jewelry/ defining features/ explore belongings such as bags or pockets and elements of text can be introduced.
  • candid shots laying on bed playing Fifa, smoking, chatting, ‘being lads’
  • allows again, for an interesting a diverse project exploring how the subjects chose to represent themselves in front of the camera, however subconsciously.
  • explores candid/ posed documentary photography in equal measure, taking a stance as the photographer to direct some shots, but leave others to chance and an element of ‘in the moment’ documentation
  • allows me to try with a new challenge – shooting in low light settings, and creating successful photography with the introduction of portraits and people who are not immediate family, who are usually the subjects within my photography.
  • relying on a larger group of people and not paying them or doing anything in return for their time might be difficult (all willing to do it, just when, where and how) i.e access is again, tricky. Follow-up shoots might also need to happen, so could be tricky in terms of timing.
  • would be working with a very ‘dark’ colour palette, (if ii shot on film however, this could be used to my advantage, with the use of flash that’s not just going to ‘blow everything out’).
  • could end up in a rut in regards to progressing my project, as I wouldn’t necessarily have any other groups to focus on as an extension/ looking a various approaches to the idea.

Verdict: strong idea, but overcoming cons might be tricky, but manageable. If anything, I can just focus on my brother and 1/2 guys at different times, doesn’t necessarily have to be all together. (more excited for this one, could be more dynamic, and have slightly more ‘excitement’ and ‘movement’).


  • Able to mix n match ideas? use a mix of ideas from ‘home’ t explore how the guys come in and treat my home like theirs because they’re so comfortable here, mix with various documentary like photos of my family around the house, candid sofa shots (Colin Pantall – Sofa Portraits could be applicable here, and perhaps Sian Davey in the style she takes on, as opposed to subject matter). Then I don’t have to rely too heavily on the guys, but could also explore my initial ‘home’ idea.
  • need to speak to others and get some feedback, maybe broaden and then narrow down those ideas, bring some other ‘sparks’ into the equation.

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