BATH SPA OPEN DAY – 11th november

open day 1open day 1

  • Traveled up on 11th, arrived and attended a welcome tour and talk. My first impressions did not match any preconceptions, as really, I did not have any, only attending the open day because I knew I ha to expand my horizons further than just going to Brighton open day.
  • The welcome talk impressed me, as well as the campus, it being very small and community based, which I enjoyed exploring, and could see myself here much more than at Brighton or AUB. I also attended a finance talk, which helped a lot, grounding my experiences and future plans in reality. We were also introduced to the student union and job opportunities that were available to us when living in Bath.
  • Just before attending the photography talk, we (my granddad, mum and I) went up to the main photography base room. Kellie Hindmarch, the course leader, was very kind and came to talk to us, and I think this is what lead me to make up my mind so quickly, and so solidly. Being able to hear her talk about the community feel, the contact time with tutors and the and hearing the passion she had for not only photography, but for all art forms offered at the Sion Hill campus. When I left the room after talking to her I messaged a friend – I think I’m going to Bath Spa uni.
  • The emphasis on the analogue and the interdisciplinary approaches, as well as letting the students really explore photography outside the medium of photography, really stood out to me, as I keep finding my work edging into the realm of fine art etc.
  •  The rest of the day allowed me to explore Bath and just fall in love with it, although I was still apprehensive about living there, enjoying the city of Brighton much more. This was my main disappointment when contrasting Brighton and Bath – I enjoy Brighton as a place, but wasn’t sure about the uni, but the other way around presents itself to me when looking at Bath.
  • I think the thing to do is apply and see where it gets me, that leading my decision when it comes to it.

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