Self Initiated Project Evaluation

I enjoyed this project more than any I have done up until this point, and I think this is really quite obvious within the final finished pieces and the research I conducted and where it’s left me in terms of thinking about the future.

I’m really quite proud of the layouts I’ve created, I think they have a sense of professionalism within them, and any external feedback I’ve sought say similar things, so in that respect, I really love them. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t create a couple more alternative options of layouts, but it took me a lot longer than I expected to put together each page to a standard that I felt matched to the previous page.

In regards to getting this project started and using my time wisely, although I can’t say I nailed it, it was definitely better than my previous projects, using the first week to generate ideas, collect research and leave enough time for my survey to generate enough responses and within the second week use my time to create, whether that was shooting, narrowing down responses or creating my designs, it all seemed to fit, although I was grateful for the extra couple of days due to no presentation and straight to assessment. I was a bit stumped with the model situation, and in hindsight, can see my predicament, but don’t have much sympathy, as I should’ve incorporated model searching and shoot-planning within the first week and shouldve just asked people, instead of lacking the confidence to and having to use a more natural alternative, which works within the context, but possibly in the future, prove a problem.

The influence of design is becoming more and more apparent in my work, as I create a lot of geometric layouts to display on my social media, working with text and colour palettes to create aesthetically and visually pleasing cohesion of text and imagery. In this respect, alongside with the chat with the leader of vis-com, I’m becoming more and more intrigued within the element of design of editorials etc, and this project has definitely helped me explore this element to an extent that I can say I really enjoy it. I want to explore the photography pathway a little bit before I make any decisions, but I think this is something to consider when i look at courses and future plans. Exciting!

I think when thinking about this project at the beginning, I was so interested in producing a moving image end result, and although I still did in a sense, with my ‘bonus footage’ feature, am interested in looking back and seeing just how much my ideas progressed, and how much I really enjoyed this process, as the only other project I can place a similar process happening is within my shaping light project, and even then, my ‘ideas’ jumped from one to another, instead of creating a gradual ‘journey’. I think the difference really is allowing myself to create a blog post every time I create something new, or at least scribble it down in my journal to write-up later, as this really allows not only myself to plot my ideas and follow them up later, or even revert back to an orginal idea if explorations go wrong, but also let me explore lots of different routes that my project has the possibility of following.
Because I was so set upon the idea of moving image though, perhaps even from before the get go, when I realised it wasnt going to work, critical thinking leading me back to reality and the amount of time and how much I would actually need, I think I was slightly upset, and I think I went through  a bit of a dip, but my ‘backup plan’ of the editorial side of things was there to save the day, and I think I probably enjoyed this project more than one where I possibly would have felt very unfulfilled and potentially a bit dejected at an outcome that could’ve not been great.

All in all, I think this project has allowed time to fully embrace the course, and kickstart back into gear again, as I think I was lacking the confidence that I needed to go forward and this created a bit of a mental distraction that really ate away at both my both and my wellbeing. Seeing final projects from others and seeing how great the outcomes are really inspired me, to the extent that I really am excited to be creating again, and starting to take inspiration from everywhere around me. I think this was really the first project that I really ‘got into’ and you can see that so much from the volume of work I’ve produced in comparison to other projects, and I think and hope that now I’m pretty much up to date for assessment, I can keep up the work flow and volume as I go forward. 

Roll on pathway!


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