Bonus Footage – Short film

Whilst shooting for my imagery, I also filmed a couple of clips of moving image, as I wasnt sure I was ready to let the whole element go yet.
It’s shaky footage, and I went a bit mad with how much I enjoyed shifting focus whilst filming, but I put the clips together on an iPhone app called Splice, recorded the text from ‘a word from me’, added some royalty free music, and churned out something I was pretty pleased with.

(My plan on here doesn’t cover video support, so unfortunately I have to send you somewhere else).

It was quickly done, and maybe not meant to be shared here, but in the efforts of experimentation, it was an experiment, perhaps something I would like to do more of, without putting the pressure on getting it perfect and creating something ‘incredible’ every time. I knew that whilst quickly editing, the cuts/ transitions were going to be jumpy, but somehow when you add the audio, this works in an odd way, although maybe not for bigger projects.

When I shared it on my social media, one person commented that they really liked the ‘soundscapes’ that I had created, as with my added voice, it turned quite calming and ‘dreamlike’. I wasnt sure how much I agree, as looking back, the volume of the music is slightly too high, and distracts sometimes. Personal preference I suppose!

Here’s a link;

Femininity – Some thouhts from Onna Borbely on Vimeo.



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