Photoshoot Analysis


Contact Sheets 

Some of my favourites

  • Used lots of ISO and aperture knowledge to really emphasise ‘clean’, ‘pure’ mood that I wanted to convey (over/under exposure)
  • first of all set white balance warm (against a blue sky, sun and warmth of winter blue sky = very warm temperature
    • when combined with warm, bokeh fair lights, created a warm and ‘soft’ image
      • started shoot using 18-55mm Fuji lens with auto focus, but eventually changed to Pentax 1.7, 50mm, manual focus lens, as F1.7 allowed for more depth and I could focus on areas that you weren’t perhaps expecting
      • this creates more depth with a foreground/background blur combined with a middle ground in focus, I find it really opens up the image to exploration, letting your eyes wander into different areas.
  • I struggled with some lighting to begin with as I started shooting at 3pm/4pm as I was waiting for ‘golden hour’ because I was thinking I really wanted these ‘warm’ images, but the nature of the natural light was a lot colder than I expected due to thick cloud ( I also had to adjust my thinking as I was going alogn because I found myself more attracted to the ‘colder’, whiter imagery.
  • FAIRY LIGHTS – I wanted to incorporate again to create depth, as well as create a secondary light source that could brighten up a potentially dark shot, without being too obvious that it wasnt natural lighting. This was a bit of a failed experiment, as shooting with the lights tangled within the plants in the vase proved to show too much detail, and when used in the background, didn’t really add to the light source. (They didnt prove succesful until later when I used extreme close up of the passion-flower, rose and gyp to create a real bokeh effect). DSCF9129
  • I tried to experiment with multiple locations and light sources, my bedroom desk, my bed, my window sill, the bathroom window sill and my brother’s room (predominantly for the cool lighting)
    • I didn’t change the white balance throughout, after the initial change, leaving it to the ISO and aperture to create the mood (at this point I was completely manual, a fixed lens, and full control of all settings). I predominantly shot at ISO between 500 and 1000, trying to keep it below that to keep the noise down, knowing that the 1.7 aperture could fill in any light that I was lacking. I also stayed between the exposure time of 1/30th and 1/125th of a second, making sure I was getting the right exposure that was right for the mood I wanted to create.
    • I didn’t really stray further out of these fields once i had found where I was happy shooting, and maybe in future it might be a good idea to really push the boat out and experiment with the settings in order to create a different mood to what you thought you wanted, but maybe prefer (because I definitely know that a couple of these are WAY too overexposed, but I think they are more effective in a way).
    • camera angles stayed similar, I found myself attracted to more of a close up feel, getting the detail, but found some of the further away shots were also just as effective, although i wasnt so keen at the time.
      • I found it a struggle to use the manual focus at times, although the function on my camera that outlines the ‘in focus bits’ was SO helpful after I realised it was there!
  • I like this shoot, I think it  was successful in terms of producing ‘mood’ imagery, more unsuccessful parts included lack of experimentation and perhaps some ambiguous focusing (even when I was working through it). Also a lack of preparation on my part found the lighting to not be exactly as I wanted it, and although I experimented with using, first the fairy lights and then later my iPhone torch (failed miserably, I don’t have 3 hands to hold the camera, hold the torch and manually focus!) if anything, it showed how helpful it is to have another person around on shoot with you ( I was home alone, which wasnt helpful).

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