Chat with Mark and definite plans

  • In order to consolidate my ideas, I knew I had to chat to one of my tutors, just so I was clear on both what I was doing, and also keeping them in the loop in case of a meltdown and a complete dip in productivity.
  • Told Mark my dilemma with film – he agreed, maybe take on a separate project with a group? He helped a lot in regards to developing my ‘magazine/editorial layout’ idea.
    • 1-3 A3 pages, introduction, with text by me, interview questions/ photos from subjects I choose, conclusion to project – mix of both smaller thumbprints, and larger photos, allowing for visual interest, but also a lean onto the more photographic side of things. (I’m worried about this as I need to go about finding models and people to interview, that I can comfortably take photos and ideas on my project on)
    • Discussed that my genre of photography is definitely documentary, with an element of portraiture, this definitely helps me within the research aspect, as I was bit stuck with just researching graphic designers and not knowing 100% how I was going to incorporate photography into the project.
      • This can open up my area of research as well as I can look at how different documentary styles can be mixed with each other and how to incorporate a few different ones within the same spread without them looking too disjointed.
    • In terms of involving different styles within the shoot it was suggested I take one shoot with studio lights (‘glamour shoot’), one with a more candid edge, and one with an element of a ‘snapshot’ feel, taking pictures of the model in comfortable situations, or even asking them to take photos of themself. I’m not sure how much I love that idea, as I want to keep the spread looking a certain way, but I really like the idea of candid shots, with elements of more staged portraiture.
  • In regards to incorporating text into my spreads, I definitely still want to stick to the questions I came up with, but maybe narrow it down to one or two. Maybe that’s a decision for when I’m working on my layouts, using dynamic thinking to work out what suits it best.
  • It was also suggested that I involve some anonymous feedback for a couple of the questions, so I’ve stuck a piece of paper and a pen downstairs in the hope I’ll get some responses. If this fails, maybe I use social media to create an anonymous questionnaire for people to fill in? I could then incorporate not only these responses, but work off some of the imagery that emerges from answers? (future Onna says: done, just waiting on responses).
  • Research now needs to involve documentary and portraiture photography, making sure to look at how each photographer uses colour so I can make sure to create a colour palette that really works within what I do – thinking pre-emptively to when I create a layout and the palette that I would want to use.
    • looking at documentary photography that has real feeling and depth – a form of self-expression – Richard Billingham, Sian Davey, Poem Baker (!!washed out ‘Polaroid’ effect!!)

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