‘Feminine’ Moodboards

  1. 1.
    having qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness.
    “the snowdrops gave a feminine touch to the table”
    synonyms: womanly, womanlike, ladylike, girlish, female; softdelicategentletendergracefulrefinedmodest

golden peachgolden peach (1)

  • Images found on Pinterest, further clicking led to sources, layouts made on ‘Canva’
  • What makes these images ‘feminine’?
    • Natural lighting, often with soft shadows that create depth – sun flare, overexposed areas of the images
    • Overall colour palette is soft, with a dominant pink/brown/ cream collection of tones, with some blues and lilacs creating the undertones, as opposed to a clean white.
    • the female models in each conventionally follow what is attractive and ‘feminine’ – thinner body shape, soft features, and costume design is beautiful, delicate lace or gauzy material brings an ethereal and ‘soft’ effect to the images, taking away harsher elements such as clean pleats or draped material that could bring in a more structured and ‘grounding’ effect.
  • I wanted to stick with the soft pink hues, the natural lighting and use of shadows to add dimension to the imagery. If anything comes from these images. I would love to create some colour palettes from them, which can go towards creating my design layouts, using popular hues that appear throughout (like the soft pinks and browns) to create that subconscious association within the audience.
  • In terms of taking inspiration for when I’m conducting shoots for the accompanying pictures for the interviews, I really do want to use ‘natural light’ as in ‘glowy’ sunlight, giving nice shadows, but in October, this is not exactly available – consider taking out some equipment such as some ‘warm’ lighting or a gold reflector?
  • Or I turn the opposite way and use a disposable to take the shots, as this could turn the whole vibe of both the editorial, layout and ‘feel’ into something very different – maybe try both? i.e. shoot with both, using digital to get multiple shots and take limited shots in another format?
    • either way, it will of course rely on the setting of the interview as well.

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