Self-Initiated Project Proposal

  • what skills, knowledge and experience has you acquired over the first stage so far?

I feel that my skill level with using a camera has been improved, and find that I know myself a bit better within the environment and can find ways to combat problems with time management in a better way.

  • How will your project build on this, and how will you address issues that have been identified in your own evaluation?

I want to push myself further with using film/moving image within this project, and any issues identified (such as time management skills) I plan to directly include within my to aid myself in rectifying them.

  • What is your idea and what do you wish to communicate?

I would like to communicate mine and others views upon the subject of femininity within a moving image format, with the intention of interviewing at least 10 people for a range of views.

  • How will you develop this idea, and how will you record that development?

I want to develop this idea as I go along by exploring further into interview processes, short documentary videos and being able to try a new skill and see where it leads me. I’ll record this on my blog, and journal, (rough immediate notes in my journal and more polished, thought out ideas on my blog).

  • What methodology do you intend to use? (Please think carefully about the
    Design/Creative Process)

I would like to begin with a large amount of research into documentary filmmaking that I can then apply to using when i begin to shoot, I’ll use my usual Fuji film to shoot, perhaps with an added microphone.

  • What do you aim to produce?

I aim to produce a short (3-5 minute maybe?) documentary that explores views and can leave people thinking and wondering.


What are your influences and what is your contextual research? (Historical, Political,
Psychological, Sociological, Specific Artist, Documentary Practice, Narrative Storytelling)

My influences possibly come from short web-based videos, such as Buzzfeed (as much as I dislike them!) Research falls under historical and modern-day societal views, looking into the practise of short film/documentary style filmmaking and perhaps a look into the sociological reasonings behind views and opinions that can underpin the film.

• What primary research are you going to undertake? (Photos, interviews,
observational tasks)

My primary research will of course be other people, as I interview them for their responses, but I hope to also go and find some library books that i can take research from, possibly on the subject of documentary films, or even the movement of feminism.


• What methods, techniques, materials, technology and processes will you use?

I want to use my camera to do recording, as I know my way around it and this will factor out the large risk of it not going very well. In order to really emphasise the interview aspect of things, I’ll need a good microphone, as my in camera one picks up a lot of static. Hopefully then, Premier Pro to edit, and Vimeo to present. In terms of studio set up, I’ll need to hire out lights and a backdrop, just to make sure the film suits my expectations visually.

• Are the materials and resources you have selected available? If not, how do you propose
to access them?

I need to talk to Lindsay about which lights and microphone is best, but then hire them out through SiSo.


• How will you evaluate the process and the success of your project?

I think if I come out with a video that I like visually,, and it presents some inquisitive minds and views, I’ll have successfully filled my brief. I think in a project like this, you can’t be too critical, as very constructive evaluative comment leads to something positive to work from.

• What methods will you use?

I’ll use mostly my journal for first hand notes, and then transfer to my blog platform when enough reflection is gathered for a fuller piece.


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