Photocinema Project Evaluation

It’s safe to say I struggled with this project, although in the end, did produce a set of work that I can say I am proud of.

The first week of the project was really tough, as within project launch it was mentioned this was often a project that caused a few days of head scratching for ideas, I feel I had already set myself up to ‘fail’ by creating a mental block, because if others struggled, its only logical that I would too, surely? (#wrong Onna’s brain, unhealthy way to think).
I was also trying to catch up on all the work I hadn’t completed from the previous project, whilst also really struggling with a bad mental health spell. On sunday I asked to speak to Mark on the monday, and this really helped, as this got the ideas that I had started to cultivate really going, and was able to explore these further. I still feel like I didn’t completely use the time I had to the best of my abilities, but I definitely was able to enjoy the research I did, as it lead me to a few film analyses , which I really enjoyed, as well as some further research into colour, which has always really interested me. I only wish I had more time to go into more research and influence from a couple of different genres, as I feel a rounder explanation of surrounding research could have influenced my work in different and subtle way.

I really didn’t push the boat out at all with experimentation, although I think this was understandable as I basically created my project in 4 days, but definitely something to pick up when looking forward to my next project and indeed future ones, time management needs to be worked on. I think the problem is that I don’t just go and ‘do’, I take a lot of time to provide ideas to shoot, and even then, don’t take the risk to embark on a shoot. I think it’s probably good to realise this now, especially before going into pathway, as its becoming a bit of a habit. I think I’m acutely aware of making mistakes, but perhaps should encourage myself to do so more, as often mistakes lead to some noteworthy work (or plainly just things to discard and never do again!)

I’m not sure how much I stuck to the brief, not actually creating 3-5 final images, and even then, though I did create a film poster, am not entirely sure it followed the conventions of cinema completely, although to be fair, it did reference it in an obvious way.

Because I didn’t actually partake in crit/feedback (purely because I just couldn’t manage to stand up in front of others) I asked for some smaller feedback afterwards, and a lot of people remarked upon the colour palette being very similar to that of Wes Anderson, which pleased me, as he was obviously someone I looked into and admire. Not getting that much feedback  actually seemed to subtract something from the finality of the project, and I think next time, I should really try to have a go at presenting, even if it doesn’t go well, as it does seem really essential to progressing within your work.

Some strengths though, in a quite critical piece, I did manage to pull together a project in a short time, and it made me realise just how much I can achieve if I really put my head down and get stuff done. I also figured out that if I approach a project by doing something that intrigues me and lets me express myself and create some sort of ‘conceptual’ piece, it really interests me, rather than creating surface level photos that I struggle to relate to.

Things to take forward
  • sort out your time management!
    • (if you’re in a bad space, get up and even do something small, at least its something)
  • don’t be so afraid of mistakes
  • explore your options, try experimenting with different approaches or techniques
  • always try and present your work, even if its to a smaller group, or at least get some individual feedback

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