Final piece experiments


Here’s an on the spot evaluation that I did for a smaller private account on my Instagram, but I feel like the instantaneous and ‘thought splurge’ summed it up in better ways than a long drawn out paragraph would.

“couple of final pieces for the outcome of ‘photocinema’: reference cinema and it’s conventions or tropes within your work. i looked at colour psychology/theory using a contrast against the stereotypical psychological thriller film poster, subverting the tropes by including soft, feminine colours and the use of an ‘angsty’ lookin gal to express a sense of mystery and intrigue. this ties in nicely to the phrase ‘tell me a story’, a phrase that you often associate with childhood and a sense of serenity is here turned on its head, the connotations of the letters ‘falling’ and fading away leading to ideas of a ‘falling’ and fading away of the character, ‘losing the plot’ which is made concrete by the affirmation of the genre; psychological thriller.”

“I took influence from Wes Anderson, Spike Jonze’s Her and some of the colour palettes of Sofia Coppola’s works; soft and pastel colours, with a lean onto the natural light (although this I did not use).”

“I used the stereotypical costume design of a white dress, to signify the idea of purity and honesty, although the somewhat ‘ragged’ appearance with the ‘rat tail’ hair, again, contrasts with the stereotypical femininity, leading the audience and viewers to question; what are the things leading to this moment and how can this draw potential viewers into the storyline?”

You can see the progression through these experiments, starting with a simple layout, change of image position changes quite significantly throughout, as I tried to get them into a position that eventually worked with the text aswell.

the intriguing and confronting stare that I managed to capture i think aims to draw the audience in, the intrigue begging the audience to read a little more into ‘tell me a story’ which really came to me out of thin air, when i was staring at the same image of myself in editing for over 10 minutes at a time (not fun).

the use of the colour palettes being so obviously on the poster seems to point the finger to the fact that this film might not be a stereotypical ‘blockbuster’ movie, the idea of a ‘psychological thriller’ perhaps combining with the more ‘alternative art poster’ that have been becoming more popular to represent a smaller’ cult’ film maybe as I can see this poster possibly representing such a genre.

I chose poster number 8 as my final design, as when asked for feedback, my brother told me he liked the more vivid red block, as it tied in to parts of the model that he maybe wouldn’t have looked at if his eyes werent subconsciously searching for the colours within the palette layout. I think this is a point to take on if I ever do a similar design, as you could be really clever from which area of an image you take colour from, focusing in on either something that aims to distract, or soemthing that you really have to search for in your quest to ‘solve the image’.

The final images came out okay I think, I really like the vivid nature of the colours, and i like how it all ties together, although the quality is really low for some reason (I guess exporting/importing through multiple platforms?) im excited to see how the poster could look printed out, but apprehensive about the quality.


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