Progress Tutorial with Lauren

  1. Time management with regards to compiling work can be an issue. Academically strong but getting work done is the cause of the problem.
    • Try and motivate yourself, pathway will be more driven by self and can be more theoretically lead. 
  2. Attendance is great, but need to motivate yourself
  3. Discussed student services and if you need to book in for counselling please go and see them
  4. Very clear of unit/course structure
  5. Understands creative process, Very academic student and does not struggle with this side of the course
    • issue is documentation
      • sketchbook is quite empty at present and it’s just about finding the time/motivation to work in it
        • spend time on friday and weekend
  6. UCAS – interested in theory and practical
    • film and photog theory – research Westminster courses
    • Unit 6 – blog – evidence research for UCAS

My tutorial with Lauren came at exactly the right time, as I was really struggling at this point and I had already reached out to Mark previously.
Lauren was understanding and helped to calm any nerves or anxieties I had surrounding the issue of work, aswell as an in-depth chat about future plans and almost reassuring me that my thoughts and feelings were valid. I think this will help a lot as I move to collect research for Unit 6.

Although not very clear in the notes, I seem to remember we discussed leaving my sketchbook and working solely on here, so I feel that I really have to make sure all the content on here is clear and looking aesthetically pleasing, if I wanted it to match the aesthetic that I do enjoy working towards in a sketchbook. I feel like I want to include a lot more visual influences, creating digital moodboards, analytical artist/filmmaker/ film/photography analysis as a constant stream of influence, even if I don’t use aspects of their work within my own. Before I embark on this though, I definitely need to catch up, and use my time to my best ability, because although I work, the level of detail I strive to include leaves me behind as in an hour I could produce 4 pieces of work instead of 1. This is definitely something to work on – recognising the need for a shorter piece and stopping when I’ve covered th basics.


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