Exploring Colour within my Shoot/ Edits


With this unedited photo, I used the website Coolors to create a couple of colour palettes with a variety of my images from the shoot. I found that the colours all followed a similar pattern; an analogous colour scheme. The colours I found were very similar to each other, creating the mood and atmosphere that I was going for – little tension, and quite a visually pleasing image to let your mind and eyes wander over. Although I say the scheme falls into an analogous one, I do find that some of the colours could fall into another colour scheme, with the darker browns providing a bit more depth to the image.

I could easily manipulate the photo within Photoshop to make the greens of the fern in the background really create a contrast, playing with subconscious colour psychology within the images, also bringing more of a complimentary colour palette to the selected images.

For example, with simple editing with the channel mixer, selective colour and colour balance within Photoshop, I was able to, not drastically change the image, but definitely change the mood and feel. I don’t love the edits I applied, as I also use the highlight/shadow sliders to bring out some of the details within the hair, which gave the image a bit of a HDR feel, which I feel goes against the aesthetic I want to create.



DSCF5932 copy

Although I have edited these to this aesthetic, I think its more to prove a point of how much a colour can change the feeling. Here are a few more examples.


I feel that really emphasising the green hues, or at least taking the red hues down a bit and incorporating colder tones perhaps makes the images more uncomfortable to look at, as the colour doesn’t quite go with the already uncomfortable ‘fourth wall break’ that forces the viewer to engage with the model directly. I don’t think these edits are necessarily effective, as they give the skin tone an uneasy feel, but then again, I am directly comparing them to the warmer originals.

In terms of influence from photographers and filmmakers I’ve looked at, I’ve definitely managed to incorporate a strong sense of colour, making the palette completely my own. In a previous post, I stated that I found the colour grading within Amelié abit too much for my taste, but in quite a funny turn of events, seem to have taken a strong aesthetic influence from the film. I mean of course, the use of a complete wash of colour, as opposed to what I said I liked – accents of colours.
Although saying this, I did find that the lack of preparation for the shoot did impede me in some ways, obviously the lack of studio lights and artificial light being a problem, also conducting this shoot after 7pm  (i.e. it was very, very dark, go away winter!) raised problems with relying solely on artificial lighting from the above bathroom lights. I couldnt change their position, and although I used coloured paper over each of the spotlights (with the exclusion of the one on the right side of the bath, giving the colder, harsher light) I really couldnt control how I used the light. I did think of using a makeshift reflector, but I thought that tinfoil would be too harsh and reflect cooler light, and I didnt have much else to use.

With all that in mind, I’m not going to beat myself up about it, purely just state that it’s evident that pre-planning and use of rentable equipement has possibly not been utilised in their best way.
In terms of the edits here, I’m possibly going to move onto looking at some sort of layout using them, potentially creating something that could include the message and juxtaposition that I previously mentioned.



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