Sofia Coppola – Colour

I haven’t watched a lot of the ‘greats’, or the ‘classics’, my film list is apalling for someone who wants to call themself a film student, so admitting that now, I base my interest in Coppola’s films off the aesthetics.
Dreamlike, sun flares, soft and natural lighting, this video essay by Fandor explores how maybe the director who is known for using pastel palettes, doesnt necessarily use a pastel palette, instead using natural lighting to create a subdued and low saturated look that promotes the storyline, instead of distracting from it.

Color by Numbers: Sofia Coppola’s Pastels from Fandor on Vimeo.


The video goes onto explore some of the colour palette variations within Coppola’s films, but does tend to emphasise the pastel hues.
Taking influence from Coppola’s work, a strong sense of bright and hazy scenes lead me to believe that, as discussed in my previous post, I would like to introduce the audience of my work to a soft and delicate aesthetic, leaning towards soft lighting and key colours throughout. The use of the natural lighting also seems to work for my ideas, purely on a technical note, as it is too late within the project to hire out equipment and conduct a shoot with it.


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