Final Ideas for Photocinema and PLAN for Shoot

After I spoke with Mark, I also spoke with Andreia, who was so helpful in elaborating on my ideas as I was in such a bad head space I was not able to.
We discussed my aims and my attraction towards the coloured palettes and she prompted me to run with the ideas coming from the Harley Weir’s work and the Harry Styles cover shot in water. I knew the idea of ‘a girl in a bath with flowers’ was stereotypical, but at this point, it was a solid idea that I could manipulate to use for a few different genres of film, perhaps even subverting a trope, which I was keen to take on.

We noted down that I was by default creating a ‘pretty’ aesthetic within my if I was to use flowers, water and the colder light in my bathroom, although we did flag up lighting as an issue.
we discussed the idea of using coloured water within a bath but ultimately I knew that I would be shooting in the evening of this discussion and found it too much to think about finding milk powder, or a dye strong enough to take on a whole bath tub that would be safe.
We also discussed the use of flowers, and how I cold use connotations of different flowers to provoke subconscious thinking from the audience, so this provided an extra thinking point when it came to which flowers to use; what colour, dried or alive, lots of them or little?

Andreia suggested that I used the mental space I was in to cultivate the photos and have that underlying message, but we also mentioned how I could turn that on its head and turn it into a positive thing; a feeling of being trapped, stuck and upset vs. a look at self-love and self-care. Such is me that I went for the latter, as I feel that sometimes in order to create a strong message, there needs to be a strong feeling. A pretty obvious theme then seemed to show itself, a theme of self portraiture and self-expression (this also became a necessity because I didn’t have anyone I could comfortably ask to model for me with the shotsI had in mind).

In terms of referencing cinema within my work, obviously a look at mise-en-scene as a whole is important, but definitely also colour and then ultimately how to use these images in a cohesive way to reference cinema without being subtle (possibilities of a film poster creeping through at this point).



  • Camera/ tripod/ remote control app to control camera ‘on set’
  • Costume – still undecided on little clothing, and what colour
  • coloured paper or gels to change colour of overhead spotlights (blu-tack)
  • dried flowers (potpourri mix)
  • couple of towels
  • bath (preferably warm please future Onna)

My aims are to explore themes surrounding the heart-break that is very relevant to me right now, although trying to explore a slightly more mature way of looking at it than just the stereotypical ‘sad girl in a bath’. Although i need to engineer my shots, I also want to be able to feel like they are an extension of myself into my work, so I think creating a fine balance will be tricky, especially with lack of complete control over the camera. All I can say is good luck to myself!


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