Photo Story Workshop

photodtoryOnna and Cav – Finished project/ photo story.

A photo story is similar to a story board – a direct visual guide to tell the story with pictures/images.
A photo story can take away the moving image approach to telling a story, to involve photography in a sequential list of shots that demonstrate the narrative.

For this workshop we were given the option to either go out and create a photo story based upon a piece of narrative pre -determined by Mark, or work with found footage from films and narrow down the scenes to their most important components.

Cavell and I decided to do the latter, and out of the 5 possible clips, we chose to break down the ‘Hunny Bunny’/ diner scene from Pulp Fiction. Most of the screen grabs were already broken down for us, but we did get a couple of extra moments of screenshot to compliment the narrative.

We started off by dumping them all onto a PowerPoint page, and including a black border, which we felt referenced the comic book style layout we were trying to emulate. We came up with a couple of layouts (detailed below), but ultimately felt a simpler and more comprehensive basic layout worked better to ‘read’ it, i.e. the human brain reads from left to right and if we put a sequential shot starting on the right, it would disorientate and be confusing for the audience to follow the story line along.

We then started adding complimentary text. Cavell liked the idea of re appropriating the text and adding our own based on the ideas the final layout gave us, so we messed around with some text ideas, making sure to keep within the boundaries of the script. TO do this we included words such as ‘fuckers’ or kept the nickname ‘hunny bunny’ as well as including the last line of dialogue from the female character.
I had a strong say in the final layout of the text and where it was placed in relation to the imagery, as I enjoy things such as composition and layout etc. (I work with alot of text/imagery combinations on social media such as Instagram, attempting to maintain an aesthetic). We used a standard Roman font to begin with, which changed to Comic Sans as a bit of a joke, then to the final font we used, which juxtaposed a soft flowing font to quite a harsh and violent scene.

I’m quite pleased with our final piece, and this project has definitely helped me to realize that I do love composition and layout, so perhaps, for this project I’ll do something which combines the two, maybe a film poster, somewhat alternative, with extra cinemagraphs to compliment it?

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 09.54.27
Comprehensive layout
Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 10.21.19
Final layout with text




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