I love Brighton so much, so to be able to study there would be amazing.

When attending this open day, I was very aware of the ‘lack of interest’ I was holding in just doing a photography degree, wanting to either go into film, film and media communications/ theory side of things, or maybe even into a different side of working all together.
Because of this, I went to the film and media communications talk, and found this very interesting, liking the idea of working a lot more with essays, reading around the subject and creating ideas and written pieces about the art forms.

However, looking back at this now, I am not sure I was really interested, just wanting to get away from my current work and confusion about the future.

I did attend the actual photography talk, and had a tour of the facilities, which I was impressed by, but when sitting in the photography talk, found myself disinterested and lacking enthusiasm for the subject. I was wanting to have an emphasis on the theory side of things, and when I asked was told it was 1/3 theory to 2/3rds practical, I was still worried it wasnt enough (it is quite a lot!)

I didn’t really feel a connection to the campus, or necessarily the course talk, and felt it tricky to picture myself within the context of the university.

It’s defintiely something to think about, and considering accomadation options and then further living option in the second year, something to think about in terms of funding and student loans.


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