Final Film – ‘She can work’/ ‘Resemble Me’

Resemble Me from Omar Sultan on Vimeo.

Our short film came to 2 minutes, and by our standards, it is an ‘experimental film with elements of surrealism’. Quick transitions, black and white inverted footage and a sound scape awash with thought and consideration, the footage creates subtle juxtapositions, abstract connections between two seemingly ‘random’ scenes and dynamic movement that combines with more subtle, psychological connotations.

Considerate and considered, we aimed to explore ‘she’, a look into the connotations of ‘she can work’, whilst adding elements of connections to a modern woman, taboo subjects such as expression of sexuality and sensuality, the imagery providing a  look into as young adults, how we could express this freely.

Subdued colours versus vivid, cold ones, moody and dull browns contrast with red, blues and neon lights, providing suggestions of a ‘purer, untainted’ woman vs, that of a more ‘worldly knowledge’. Natural contrasts with synthetic; editing styles lead to geometric shapes, creating independence from the opening scene; one of quiet contemplation.


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