‘She can Work’ – Found Text Ideas

“She Can Work”

  • consent
  • fixation on ‘her’ eyes
  • obsession
    • permission
      • giving/receiving permission
  • she can work/can she work
    • SHE
      • explore who ‘she’ is
      • night out, close up of heels/boots walking through town
  • ‘work’
    • machinery
      • ideas of structure + hard work – Southampton docks?
    • documentary – realism
        • fixation on fears/desires
  • older generations = call appealing cars ‘she/her’
    • objectification of women through relations to objects
  • gender equality/gender inequality
    • sexism/ sexuality
      • change in conformity
  • prostitution
    • sex work
    • degrading
    • promiscuous

Pretty quickly we scoped out a firm pathway into looking into the ‘fringes’ of society, using the emphasis upon ‘she’ to explore further into the idea some sort of realism, documentary style video. I recognised a passion in Omar for the genre of surrealism, and as quite a strong voice within the group, I feel his ideas are going to really be pushed as he is the only one in our group with film experience, as I previously mentioned. We already seem to have a pretty strong ‘vision’ of how film could go, and with Omar as editor, I’m excited to be able to explore both a new genre, and develop some new skills, both working in a group and exploring film.


CINEMATOGRAPHER  – lighting = Max
CAMERA OPERATOR – film grammar/composition = Valentina
SOUND RECORDIST – sound design/sound editing = Me! (Onna)
EDITOR – montage theory and editing techniques = Omar


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